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This portal is part of the project Promotion of traditions and customs of Bran. The project is financed by the Operational Programme Priority 5 - Sustainable development and promotion of tourism and Area of Intervention 5.3 - Promoting the tourism potential and create the necessary infrastructure in order to increaseRomania’s attractiveness as a tourist destination.

Bran attractions  will be promoted by this project, which will ensure the presence at tourism fairs, conduct marketing activities, creating the portal you are viewing, editing and organizing information for promotional events. The total project value amounts to 1,039,254.69 lei, the grant amount allocated by the MDRT is 813,598.83 lei. The project duration is 34 months.


”We invite you to know where you will find many of the values held in Romania dowry chest, and those who have arrived in this sanctuary of nature to expect happiness and joy.
Here, where history meet’s culture and traditions, will be guests to an oasis of beauty and harmony ….

Hermeneanu Gheorghe (Project Manager)



Bran is the crossing gate between Wallachia and Transylvania. In terms of landscape, the area has ahigh valley between 800-1000 m NE-SW orientation that is bounded by Barsa Valley, Mountains National Park (with peaks over 2,000 m - Omu Peak 2239 m).

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